4 Factors Affecting the Inverter Trolley Price

The inverter trolley price, type, and dimensions are the least of the buyer’s concerns when they are looking forward to purchasing an inverter-battery combo. The rationale behind the indifference is that prominent features such as efficiency, conversion loss, charge/discharge cycles, backup duration, and others take precedence in the research.

Even though we understand that you may not like to focus on the inverter trolley price, you should know that it’s an integral part of the power backup system in domestic and commercial applications. It’s a supporting component that helps the inverter-battery combo to provide higher efficiency and keeps them safe.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the primary usage of having an inverter trolley is that it makes moving the inverter-battery duo easy, without much effort. If you already have a power backup system at home, you must know that it’s heavy, and you will undoubtedly need an inverter trolley priced economically. 

Here are some more perks of using an inverter trolley price:

• Helps Ventilation: It is one of the essential features of a premium quality inverter trolley. The inverter-battery combo generates a lot of heat while carrying out the operations. The heat generated may damage the backup system. Therefore, it becomes crucial to dissipate that heat. In these situations, the trolleys are a big help.

• Prevent Damage Due to Spillage: There is a chance that your inverter and battery may cause spillage. This spillage is highly likely to cause damage to your house’s floor. If you want to prevent this situation, use an inverter trolley priced at an affordable rate. The trolley between the inverter and the floor acts as a protective layer for the flooring.

• Easy Mobility: The inverter trolley is the best tool if you need to move your inverter battery to a floor up or down. These are a great help when you want to do deep house cleaning and move the backup system around. The wheels attached to a good quality trolley are of premium quality and allow easy movement.

• Better Organization of Home: A suitable inverter trolley takes up less space, is compact, and doesn’t add bulkiness to the place they are kept. In fact, they give your house a more organized feel.

Having understood the benefits, let’s look at the four factors to consider when looking for an inverter trolley:

1. Size & Weight of Inverter-Battery Combo: Depending on the dimensions and weight of the power backup system in your house, decide on the space available on the inverter trolley. You may want a bigger trolley if you have a tall tubular battery, a smaller trolley in case of a GEL battery, and so on. Whatever the size of the inverter trolley, ensure you buy one with good sturdiness.

2. Trolley’s Material: Your trolley will have to perform multiple functions, such as dissipating heat, preventing the floor from spillage, and others. In such a situation, proper attention needs to be given to the material of your inverter trolley. It should be made of high-grade material, as Luminous manufactures its trolleys. 

3. Wheel Movement: The inverter trolley price may increase when the material used is premium. However, compromising the wheel quality is no solution. It is because wheels perform the primary function of the trolley, which is to move the inverter-trolley combo from one place to another. They should be well-balanced and robust so that they can hold the weight of the power backup system.

4. Cost: While researching for the inverter trolley price, remember not to compromise on the quality. Even though we look for most benefits at an affordable price, quality cannot be negotiated. Therefore, we advise you to go ahead with the purchase within your budget while not making a wrong decision based on the competitive pricing.

As you go through the factors affecting the inverter trolley price, remember to check out Luminous’ website to purchase a strong and high-quality inverter trolley.

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