8 rookie mistakes to avoid at all costs when playing 8 ball pool

A favorite game among youngsters is the 8-ball pool. With the boom in online gaming, 8-ball is also available online and has amassed millions of players, growing in popularity. However, do not think that this game is only meant for those aware of the rules or have played it for long. If you are a beginner and are interested, you should read on to understand and clarify some of the misconceptions around the game.

8-ball pool is a billiards pool that is played on a billiard table. It has 6 pockets, sixteen billiard balls, cue sticks, cue balls, and fifteen object balls. This is one of the most frequently played games and is synonymous with pool. It has several variations and is the second most played professional game after nine-ball. The British version of the game is internationally known as blackball, which has evolved into a separately popular game. So, if you are thinking of pursuing the game, there are a few things that you need to know.

Know the rules

As a standard protocol for playing any game, you need to know the rules. If you are a new player, you must have some references and a guide handy that will help you understand the terms used, the moves made, the strike points, and so on. Although the game’s objective is simple, the fear of not knowing can affect your game and thought process.

Aiming for the correct shot

One of the misconceptions that a novice player makes is going for an easy shot. The players usually feel that they will score faster and better if they can pocket an object ball without considering the cue ball. That is not true, and you need to plan for the following shots you take. So, if you are considering taking a first easy shot that eventually leads to a problematic shot later in the game, you need to rethink your strategy. So, it is best advised that you go for the most challenging shots right from the start. This way, your chances of getting an opportunity to pocket the ball improve.

Cutting-in or banking

Many enthusiasts feel that cutting-in in a game is more complex than banking. While a bank shot usually hits the ball to create a stop shot, a cut shot will enable the cue ball to hit the side of the object ball rather than making a full shot at it. Therefore, as a result, players go for bank shots rather than cut shots. If you study professional players, you will notice that they recommend going in for cut shots at every possible opportunity. If you are playing 8 ball pool online, you can practice your skills and, in the long run, work on improving your cut shots and controlling the direction of the cue ball. 

The concept of the table wins

One of the few things you need to consider when playing 8-ball is that you should pocket the pocketable balls and then aim for the easy ones, not the other way round. If you face difficulties, you can try playing for the defense to see if that works in your favor. However, don’t have the idea that the lesser balls on the table would mean your win. On the contrary, lesser balls would mean lesser chances of playing defense or offense. So, play your shots wisely.

Pocketing the un-pocketable

This goes along similar lines with pocketing the easy balls first, but there is a misconception. Your aim needs to be simple – if you do not aim for the locked-up ball with other balls, it will be harder to pocket that ball, especially when that is the only ball left on the table. Do not leave playing the un-pocketable ball at the end. You may think that this will keep your opponent busy, but it might backfire on you and lessen your chances of winning. Use your knowledge and go for the difficult ones first so that as the game proceeds, you have the easier balls left to pocket.

Same shot or not?

Pocketing the last object ball and 8-ball in the same shot is not legal. As per the World Pool-Billiard Association, you must call your shots before you can pocket the object ball. In some situations, you may have to call your shot on the 8-ball only after you have pocketed the other object balls. Again, pocketing the object ball before the 8-ball in one shot is also not legal and needs to be called and pocketed correctly after all the object balls have been pocketed.

Opponents and their moves

When playing 8-ball with your opponents, you need to study their shots. Taking a shot just because it feels right or easy will not get you far. It will help if you plan your moves correctly, as one incorrect shot might change a fair game against you. Be careful of making fouls, as that might cost you hard-earned points and benefit your opponent. 

Making mistakes in games is inevitable. But if you have a good amount of knowledge and practice on how you can tackle the different situations, you will have a great game. Playing smart is the key when you are playing 8-ball pool. 

No set rule will ensure that you win every time, but that should not discourage you from trying. Thanks to online gaming options, you can practice your shots, play with other players, and develop yourself so that you can play extensively. The clarifications of some of the concepts discussed might help you play better and be wary of the other mistakes you can potentially make. 

8-ball depends on strategies, and knowing which shot will deviate from your opponent and help you win is needed. The rules are so simple that you should be in control of the game to win. Start okaying online and improve your chances of becoming an expert in the 8-ball pool.

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